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10 Insane Items I Found At Antique Malls

I’ve recently been introduced to the joys of antique malls. Before now, I’d always thought of antique stores as places where amazing old furniture is sold…at overblown prices.Antique malls are different: anyone can rent space at an antique mall and showcase their “goods”. And let me tell ya, people will try to sell *anything*. To prove […]

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5 Reasons Marketing Yourself is Tough

Over the past several months, I’ve started becoming more active in marketing myself. I’ve created Twitter spreadsheets (follow me @cfjwagner if you’d like), become diligent about my weekly blog posts, researched lots of best ways to write posts (and tweets), etc…From all this, I’ve learned that marketing yourself is really freaking tough! I knew it would be hard, […]

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