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2013.05.29 – 21 – The Synergy of Dogs

Hi you!Here’s my 4-pronged update:Writing So I’m about halfway through the third rewrite of chapter 1. OMG doesn’t this section feel like a broken record?:Week 1I’m rewriting chapter 1Week 2I got feedback. As a result I have to rewrite chapter 1Week 3I’m rewriting chapter 1Week 4Lather, rinse, repeatAnyway, I had an idea to write the […]

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2013.04.10 – Fourteenth Post

Hi you! Here’s my latest 4-pronged update: Writing I’ve started rewriting chapter 1 per my mentor’s instructions. I’m trying to incorporate every one of her notes and it’s really challenging. The good thing is, I’m starting to see mistakes, sometimes as I’m making them. But I feel I’m ballooning up the chapter. A lot. She […]

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