My Creations

Here’s a list of stuff I’ve worked on and stuff I’m currently engaged with. My goal is that, in the future, the list of published stuff will be way bigger than the list of my works in progress. Here’s to dreaming and stuff!

Works in Progress

Young Adult Novel: The Gay Teen’s Guide to Defeating a Siren

In TGTGTDAS, 14-year-old Blaize Trails is sent to a healing camp designed to “cure” gay teenagers. Once he arrives, Blaize finds out Sanctuary Prep Academy isn’t at all what it seems.

TGTGTDAS is my first self-published book, DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

You can check it out on Amazon:

The Gay Teen's Guide to Defeating a Siren

Dystopian Historical Novel: The Jesus Story

In The Jesus Story, a desperate man in an atheistic world sets about trying to create religion to satisfy his own means.

The Jesus Story is technically the first novel I finished. I ended up shelving it to complete Camp NO Where as it felt more timely. But, rest assured, I will be jumping back onto this novel as soon as Camp NO Where has flown the coop.

Short Story Anthology: Superpowers

A year or so ago, I wrote a story about a person struggling with a specific superpower. My goal was to create something as utterly realistic as possible. No crime fighting and insane battles and capes. It’s just a regular person dealing with a power.

I enjoyed writing the story so much, I ended up writing another about a different person with a different power. When finished, I realized I wanted to write a set of stories, each dealing with a separate super power. And thus, Superpowers was born.

I currently have 7 short stories written, ranging in size from about 2,800 words to 7,500. After finishing a few more, the anthology will be complete and ready for editing. Stay tuned!

Available Works

Blog Post: How to Write the Dreaded Query Letter

The Write Practice is an award-winning blog dedicated to help writers improve their craft. Awhile back, I submitted an idea for a guest post and was thrilled when they accepted it.

Video: Divergent Mary

Shortly after Divergent was released, I had this idea for a wacky video. Enjoy!