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It’s heeeeere! As mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’ve been working on a minor video project. To recap, I’ve written a few little skits and wanted to bring one to life. When I couldn’t make things work with “live” people, I decided to build it using dolls. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve whipped out my animation skills, opened the Photoshops, and have been sticking this thing together.
Welllll, I’m happy to announce that it’s done!
It’s my first attempt so I’m still learning, but hopefully y’all will enjoy it OK.
I hope it paves the way for more. I have about 10 other skits I’d like to bring to life (and will probably think of more). Some will need to be live action, while others can use the dolls.
Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think. If you like it, feel free to share. If not, feel free to shut up and send me sympathy cookies.
If you don’t want to view here, check it out on YouTube.

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