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Oh boy, where to start…

I guess we’ll go back to my Sabbatical.

I’d been working in web development for 10 years. With degrees in computer science and math, I thought I wanted to be a video game developer.


A few years in, I realized I was a creative, not a developer/mathematician. I started getting involved in writing, acting, and singing. And those were the times I felt satisfied. Although I had a great job, the lack of fulfillment in the position caused an aching in my soul.

So what did I do? Well, my family was built on job security. I was told from an early age, “You find a good job and you never leave.” Unfortunately, that mantra had been pummeled into my brain, so the idea of actually leaving a career was terrifying. But I saved just in case. And I saved just in case. And I saved just in case. In October of 2012 I finally did it – My desperation for change forced me to take a risk. A few hours before the company Halloween party, I turned in my notice (I was such a wreck the night before!). Then, on December 19th, I moved out of state and took a year off. During that time, my goal was to create like crazy. I completed first drafts of two novels, wrote several short stories, and started a writers group. I also kicked off my blog, A Year Sabbatical, which is the precursor to this site (you can see a lot of my ramblings DURING the Sabbatical on this site). In addition, I became a song leader and began singing all over town (it was a small town, so I wasn’t a big deal or anything). Without the stress of 60-hour work weeks on my back, I was able to crank. But the Sabbatical had to end at some point. And it did. The money I’d saved ran out and I started working again. So where am I now? Well, I emerged from the Sabbatical with a new outlook and new goals. I’m still writing, editing, blogging, and everything like crazy. And this blog is my way of sharing updates, stories, and pieces of my life with you. Now that all that boring stuff is out of the way, here’s some…

Fun Facts About Me

I’m an extroverted writer.

I *think* a majority of writers are extroverted and enjoy that alone writing time. Now, while I like to be alone when I write, I am a total people person. I love being out and about and chatting with new people. And making a huge fool out of myself. I’m one of those fun, self-deprecating guy. Who kinda sucks. See, there I go again.

I don’t have a set genre in writing.

I’d love to be know as “the guy who’s awesome at this type of writing.” But I get interested in all kinds of random stuff. So I’ve written about kids fighting in a pool, nerds desperate for the ability to teleport, a guy who sees words in a tree, and all sorts of stuff in between. Is that a good or bad thing? I have no idea. But it’s what makes me me (right now, I’m imagining Bender from Futurama saying this).

I can touch my nose with my tongue.

Yep! How jealous are you right now? That’s the stuff huge careers are born from.

I am a nerd at heart.

Among other very nerdy things, I was a closet Star Trek: the Next Generation fan as a kid. I would never admit it at school (I was unpopular enough as it was) but I knew every episode title by heart. Especially the ones starring Commander Riker. I may or may not have had a huge crush on him. That leads me to my next fact…

I am a gay homosexual

That is all.

The Gay Teen's Guide to Defeating a Siren

Book 1: The Seeker

The Gay Teen's Guide to Defeating a Siren

Book 2: The Siren

The Gay Teen's Guide to Defeating a Siren

Book 1: Sanctuary
Award-Winning LGBTQ+ Novels

Newest Books by Cody

Blaize Trales’s world falls apart when he’s dragged to Sanctuary Preparatory Academy, a boarding school that claims to fix gay teens. Blaize’s parents eat it up and hand him over for brainwashing.

But things at Sanctuary aren’t what they appear. Blaize soon discovers the school’s antics are all a lie. They’re also at war with an ancient enemy. Between surviving bullies, rescuing students from mysterious attacks, and passing algebra, Blaize’s life is going to get out-of-control crazy.

And freaking dangerous.

Lucky for Blaize, he wields the ultimate weapon—being gay. And he’s pretty good at it.