2014.07.10 – 73 – New Divergent Trailer


I’ve been working the past couple weeks on my newest video project. This one was a bit more complicated than the last, with several scenes and more than just 2 characters. I had to do a lot of Google Image searching to find all the various pieces then stick them all together using Flash. (There’s probably a better way than Flash to do it, but I’m using what I know for now.)

Well, I’m proud to announce that it’s done! Hopefully it’s better than the last one and they’ll keep getting more entertaining.

I already have plans for another. However, it’s considerably more risque than these first two. I think it’s a funny idea, but I don’t want people to take it the wrong way. I’ll likely go ahead and script it out and run that by some people to get their impression. If they think it’s irreverent but harmless, I’ll begin producing it.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. Check out the one that’s actually done and let me know what you think:

Watch it above or check it out on YouTube.

About the Author: Cody Wagner

Cody Wagner

Cody is an aspiring author and creator of Wagner Writer. His first novel, A Gay Teen's Guide to Defeating a Siren, was released in 2015. He has a penchant for making weird videos and writing even weirder stories. But not all. Some of his stuff is perfectly normal. He promises.

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