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Hi reader (singular)!
Time for my first regular dose of ‘what’s going on in Page, Arizona.’:
I’m trying to get a writer’s group started here in Page and our first meeting is set for tomorrow night. I’m a natural worrier, but, in this case, I’m actually more excited than anything. I just hope people show up. We are supposed to have 5 – 7 people but there may already be a cancellation. Wish us luck!
I admit I’m not sure of the best way to run a writer’s group meeting. I went looking all over the Internet and found a few helpful blurbs. I’m going to try starting off with introductions and learnings. Then we’ll see if anyone wants to read their work aloud. I’m bringing a shorty story about my mom’s answering machine. MWAHAHA we’ll see how it goes!
On the book front, I finished a really important section in my novel today and am really excited. I’m more than 100 pages in and it’s time to hit the research for the next piece. It’s going to be really difficult. Hopefully it will be semi-readable.
So I’m still singing at church on Saturday. And I’m still nervous about it. I actually sit in my room every night with the door closed and quietly hum the notes to myself. I don’t want my sister and brother-in-law to hear me because she’ll probably stand outside the door, record it, and post the mess to Facebook. Posting embarrassing stuff is kind of her ‘thing.’ So I may or may not have covered my head with the blanket to muffle the sound even more…
I went to Burger King for the first time tonight. Let me clarify before someone shrieks “YOU’VE NEVER BEEN TO BURGER KING!!” It was my first time at the BK here in Page. I’ve had more than my share of their food in the past. Then I’ve immediately had diarrhea. But I love me some Whoppers! That’s really it for my sightseeing, lol! I’ve been holed up in the house for a few days working.
Random Learnings or Stories
Let’s see, where to start. So I mentioned The Write Practice in my last posting. To recap, it’s a writing site that gives very quick daily assignments. You spend 5 – 15 minutes writing, and then post your story into the comments. I’ve noticed that virtually everyone’s contributions are SO serious. I’m definitely not knocking them; I’d say my book is pretty darned serious. But, after writing with so much emotion for hours on end, I’m using the assignments to let out my silly side. It’s definitely enjoyable and my sister seems to like my postings. But I’m not sure how everyone is reacting. One lady made a comment that I couldn’t quite decipher (although I could definitely hear my mom scolding me when I read it). Oh well, I need to let out some humor, so that’s going to be my escape! BRING IT ON!

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