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If anybody is following me on FaceBook, you’ll see how much I love a little game called Pie Face.

Pie Face

Pie Face is a 2-player game where you put whipped cream on a hand, put your face in a hole, then turn a crank to see if the hand smacks you in the face.

Think of it as Russian Roulette for kids. And the perfect game for me (a 40-year-old child).

Pie Face is pretty much unavailable in America (or, at the very least, not in stores) but an amazing friend found a copy on eBay (thanks Law!!). We opened and played it on my birthday, and it was a blast! When you put your face in the circle and start turning the crank, your heart stops! It’s seriously scary.

As intense at is is, my mind kept going to these weird places. I couldn’t stop envisioning stuff like mustard and ranch dressing and salsa on the little hand. Why? I don’t know. I’m weird. But that’s how Extreme Pie face, the video was born.

Now sit back and watch as Windy, Chris, and I subject ourselves to a rotten banana in the face (along with some other goodies).

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