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Here’s my latest short update:


(NOTE: This was written a week ago, while we still had several days left in Page)

Because I’m leaving Page in a week, I wanted to get around to sharing my experience singing at church.

Finally, after more than a year, Windy recorded me singing over the weekend. The video she took is of me belting my favorite church song, right in the spot where I’m always at. So it’s like the real experience… without a congregation.

We thought about recording during Mass, but it would have been weird for her to whip out her phone and point it at me during the service, so we went up a little early. Besides, the priest is traditional and might have stopped the entire service to yell at us. He’s cool but can be scary. Sometimes, he’ll stop and just glare at the altar servers. When that happens, I can practically hear the congregation going, “oooooooohhhhh!” like kids do when someone is in trouble. And I don’t want that on video.

OK I’m getting distracted, LOL. Anyway, regardless of the timing, the video shows pretty much exactly what I do.

After checking it out, I’m not thrilled with how the video sounds. Like my previous video, the audio isn’t great. I didn’t bring my new microphone, because it would have been hard to setup properly (especially given our time constraint). So you can’t hear me super well. 

Normally, I might not post it in order to do a better attempt. But, seeing as there are no more opportunities, here ya go.

(NOTE: It’s a religious song, but this is certainly not about forcing religious messages down anyone’s throats. It’s just so y’all can be a part of what I’m doing and listen to substandard audio, LOL)

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