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Last week, I showed a picture I’d photoshopped of Oprah Winfrey holding my book. Because several people thought it was real, I did a post on how independent authors and how we are really nobodies. Well, not all of them. But I pretty much am.

Anyway, I think that post was serious enough to warrant a goofier one this week. And I figured I’d stay with the same theme. Therefore, I proudly present to you:

5 “Celebrities” Who “Endorsed” My Book

Kermit the Frog

I took a chance reaching out to Kermit. He and Miss Piggy just broke up so I figured he might need an escape from real life. That, and the fact he sang about the rainbow connection, really appealed to me. Thankfully he read it AND decided to featured it on his news show.

Kermit the Frog Loves TGTGTDAS

Tina Belcher

Tina and I were chatting the other day and she confessed she’d run out of ideas for Erotic Friend Fiction. I asked if she’d focused on every angle of Jimmy Junior’s butt. She monotoned, “I could make a clay mold of it blindfolded.” After a pause, she added, “Want to see?” That’s where I had to derail the topic. My book is about teenagers and not their butts (thank God). Still, I told her a lie and said I modeled my main character after Jimmy Junior. That’s all it took.

Tina Belcher Loves TGTGTDAS

Freddy Krueger

They say your eyesight starts failing when you reach about 45. I guess demonic nightmare ghost killers are no exception. I’m just thrilled Freddy took the time from his hilarious murders to throw on his trendy aviators.

Freddy Krueger Loves TGTGTDAS

Kim Jong Un

A North Korean parade all for me??? I guess things really ARE bad there.

Kim Jong Un Loves TGTGTDAS


Because stone tablets can get REALLY heavy.

Moses Loves TGTGTDAS

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