Band of the Dying Cat Parade

Last year, I shared an audio clip of a local “band” practicing for the Christmas Eve Mass.

I’ve been going back through my Christmas pics/videos and came across it again. I can’t tell you how much joy this thing brings me, so I figured I’d share it again.

A bit of background:

The band consisted of teens ranging from ages around 13 – 15. They were members of the church who decided to put on a little performance. I was asked to show up for rehearsals in case they wanted a singer to accompany them. The video/audio is captured from a rehearsal.

The video

This doesn’t need any setup. Just watch.

A few fun tidbits:

1. In case you can’t tell, the song is We Three Kings.

2. Because the musicians weren’t old enough to drive, their mothers brought them and waited in the church while they practiced. I joined them in the pews and, together, we watched the band leader direct them through We Three Kings.

Now, you have to understand, I had no idea what to expect. Because they had a band leader and the members were a bit older (like Freshmen in high school), I waited for a little dose of magic.

When they started playing, I was COMPLETELY caught off-guard. The instant they began, I jerked my head over and immediately started laughing.

I mentioned my laughter in my post last year. But, for the sake of conflict/drama, I left out one thing that I’ll share now: At first, I was really embarrassed that I couldn’t stop laughing. But when I finally gathered the courage to look around I noticed the mothers were laughing too! One lady’s body was shaking with laughter. Which, of course, made me laugh harder. After a few minutes, we all had our heads turned away while we guffawed.

3. If you don’t hear many notes on the piano, it’s because the girl played with only one finger. That’s it. She plucked away with her index finger while her other hand rested in her lap.

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