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I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with a fellow writer named Paul Mosier.

He’s one of those people who always has a great attitude about life and tries to make the best out of everything.

Recently, that mentality has been challenged to its extreme as his daughter, Harmony, was diagnosed with cancer:

Harmony Cancer

And it came on so incredibly fast. Basically, they took her to the doctor one day because they were worried she was developing an overbite. It turns out a tumor was growing in the roof of her mouth.

OMFG!!!!!!! The thought is really truly scary.

Since the diagnosis and resulting chemotherapy, Paul’s world has been shaken substantially.

But his gratitude and outlook haven’t changed a bit.

As a result, the support from the community has been UNBELIEVABLE. Paul mentioned tonight that he’s always hated the expression “Cancer is a blessing”. I admit I thought it was B.S., too. But in light of what’s happened over the past month, the saying has manifested itself. People have stepped up in a million billion ways, showing how wonderful humanity can be.

Additionally, Paul’s daughter, Harmony has stepped up. Although only a child, she has shown a tremendous amount of strength, humor, and poise. Just check out this video she made regarding her hair loss:

OK…I can’t seem to load it, LOL. But here’s a screen from the video showing how her hair can be pulled by the handful:

Harmony Hair Loss

I cried watching this. She literally pulls out her hair for demonstration and doesn’t even flinch. That girl has more strength in her pinky than I do in my entire body. Of course, I’m a huge wuss, so I’m not sure that does it justice.

So what’s the point of this post?

First, I want to raise a little awareness.

A GoFundMe account has been setup for Paul’s family. If you’re able, feel free to make a donation (NOTE: I had to use this image as the link. Harmony did a drawing about how she misses her hair. And I think it’s adorable and hysterical):

Miss You Hair

Or support Paul by grabbing his books (He’s an amazing author… just tremendous):

Breakfast at Tuli's

Story Girl

Second, while I would love to donate millions of dollars to Paul and his family, my fortunes are tied up in Switzerland at the moment. Instead, I figured I’d donate some fun Paul quotes.

See, Paul regularly attends writers group. And he does this thing where he puts on the straightest face ever and proceeds to deliver the most insane critiques. He totally deadpans it and acts as if it’s the most rational advice on the planet. I admit, the first few times, I couldn’t tell he was joking. And I was thinking, “OMG! I don’t know what to do with this??” I’d end up just smiling and nodding. Now, his critiques crack me up. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Buzzards

In a blog post written by a triathlete who shared her experience passing a 70-year-old man during a race:

PAUL: “I think that, when she looks back, buzzards should be flying around the old man and swooping down to try and eat him.”

2. Painting with Souls

In a poem about painting with the soles of shoes (the woman who wrote it likes to take imprints of shoe soles):

PAUL: “I suggest you try using actual human souls. You could do an exorcism to extract the soul, then grab it, and see if it will hold any paint.”

3. Pork Cracklins

In a scene where a girl is trying to tiptoe past sleeping guards:

PAUL: “I think, when the girl is walking past the guards, she needs to pull out a bag of pork cracklins. Then, she should take one out and try to eat it as quietly as possible.”

4. Easter

In an article on money-saving ideas for Easter:

PAUL: “I think you should suggest that people celebrate Easter a week late. That way they can buy the candy really cheap.”

(NOTE: The author who read the article was new and I swear she did that thing I used to do where her mouth said, “Oh wow! Good idea!” while her eyes said, “WHAT!?!?”)


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