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Dun Dun Dun DUNNNNNNNNN (that’s supposed to be a trumpet blaring). I officially welcome everyone to my new site, wagner-writer.com!

First of all, don’t be scared (or skurred, as the young people call it). It’s just version 2.0 of my blog and you’re not losing anything. All the same posts and everything have been copied over to this site. All that wacky weirdness is still around. It’s just this site is better organized and has new features and stuff.

To get you acclimated, I wanted to share the things about this site that kick the crap out of the old one.

1. It doesn’t look like it was designed in the 1800s.

My old site really needed a cheeseburger. Seriously, look how freaking skinny and emaciated it looked:


The new site is healthy and robust. I gave it lots of delicious, nutritious Thai food and it’s so much happier! And that will show in your experience here as I have lots more room to play.

Another thing I like about the site is the teaser for each post on the home page. Instead of having to wade through pages of full posts, you can quickly see articles (in chronological order) and choose ones that are interesting to you.

2. You can learn more about me!

The old site was really just a listing of my posts. This site has new pages where you can read all about me. Want to know about the things I write? Or unique tricks I can perform? Read about that stuff on the about page.

3. You can learn more about my projects.

Throughout various posts on the old site, you could kind of keep up with my works in progress. However, I realized it was a huge pain to scroll the site through trying to find updates. On the new site, I’ve dedicated an entire page to my creations.

From this page, you can see works in progress, status notes, and completed works. Once novels are finished and available, I’ll also link you to Amazon and other places where you can buy or learn even more. WHEEEEE!

4. You can subscribe to receive newsletters and stuff.

Want to be informed of new posts, writing updates, etc…? Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll be in “the know”. Wow that sounds like cheesy advertising speak. But it’s true! Now I just have to come up with a newsletter and I’ll be all set…

5. Comments should actually work.

Leaving comments on the old site was a spotty affair. I heard from lots of people saying they could never leave messages or anything. Hopefully, that’s changed on this site and you can comment to your heart’s delight! In fact, I think everyone should leave a fun comment below, just for testing purposes (not for fun, tho).

6. It’s full of love.

That’s right. I injected 80% more love into this site (don’t tell the old one). In fact, it almost has a pulse. Don’t believe me? Hold your finger to the screen over my logo at the top. Feel that? It’s the steady Caribbean rhythm of my site. It knows it’s loved and wanted.


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