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A few years ago, we started a new Easter tradition that, in my own humble words, is pretty amazing (pats self on back).

After wrangling the eggs (hardboiled or plastic or whatever), we haul out catalogs, magazines, books, and anything else entertaining.

For a couple hours, we pour through them, cutting out anything wacky, funny, weird, etc… and gluing them to the eggs. Then, we place them in the “victim’s” Easter basket for viewing on Easter morning.

This year, we didn’t have time to carry on the tradition. With a seventeen-million-hour singing marathon at church and a disgusting pool to clean (tree blossoms can wreck a pool!) we couldn’t get around to it.

Instead, I sat down and looked through the pics I took of eggs over the past two years. It was a blast and I wanted to share my favorites.


(If you want to start this tradition yourself, feel free! It’s a great grown-up way of doing eggs. Also, we also made some more reverent ones, so we aren’t 100% heathens.)

Animal Anus Egg

Bob’s Burgers is one of our absolute favorite shows. In it, there’s an episode where one of the crazier characters puts together an art exhibit. The topic: animal anuses. In honor of that episode, this egg was created:

The Easter Camel
I’m not sure how this one came about or who it was for. But this is the front and back of a random creation:

“I Feel Dead Inside”

A really popular modelling trend is the “I don’t care about life” expression. I don’t know if it’s because models really are vapid or if they’re just pretending. Either way, it resulted in this beauty (front and back) (P.S. I just realized her eyebrows are like caterpillars!):


We’re Going to Disneyland! 

I seriously can’t get enough of this little girl. I’ve watched the video of her reaction to her sister finding out they’re going to Disneyland at least eighty zillion times. And I still crack-up every time. This egg kills me:

Dog Fur

Our dogs shed. A lot. So the purpose of this egg was two-fold. First, it resulted in something hilarious. And it also cleaned up a little bit of the mess (Yes, the fur is taped on).

To Bed!

Chris gave this to Windy (his wife). I think it speaks for iself. (P.S. Aren’t you glad I didn’t say, “This is an egg I gave my sister”).

Taylor Swift

There are few things as horrifying as a myriad (or plethora) of Taylor Swift heads taped to a green plastic egg:


So Windy made this one a couple years ago. I’ll let it speak for itself:

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